Recovery Home

Haymarket Center operates four recovery home settings two for men, two for women —to help clients who have completed treatment to adopt skills and regain their health prior to re-entry into an entirely independent community setting. In these recovery home settings, clients stay for approximately three months in a supportive community while continuing to receive services and refining their future plans.

In each recovery home setting, clients have access to:

  • Ongoing medication assisted treatment
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy and outpatient programs
  • Twelve-step facilitation programs
  • Psychiatry services
  • Health and wellness care
  • Enabling services such as benefits enrollment to support their independence
  • Vocational readiness services and placement
  • Family oriented community services

While still living in the recovery home, clients can begin to receive the services and supports that will continue to help them achieve long term success upon re-entry into the community.

Community Integration Program (CIP) 

In Haymarket Center’s™ CIP program, male-identified individuals with a criminal justice background and are transitioning back into the community after a period of detention or incarceration live in a therapeutic community governed by evidence-based approaches to help motivate and support steps toward independence including job readiness and transitional job support.

Family Recovery Program 

This setting accommodates female-identified clients and their children up to age five. Designed to help the client progress in their recovery while attending to the needs of their children, this program provides recovery home care and services for up to six months. The client in residence receive recovery education, life skills support and may participate in vocational services, with a focus on interventions that will benefit them, their young children and their families upon re-entry in the community. While in residence, young children can attend Haymarket Center’s™ developmentally-oriented child care program on site.

Men’s Recovery Home 

This program provides a structured living environment to support male-identified individuals who are in the initial phase of their recovery. In this setting, the person engages in job readiness activities and prepare for employment, often beginning work prior to leaving the program. In group sessions, clients participate in recovery education to anticipate problems that could precipitate relapse and gain skills needed for independent living.

Sangamon House 

For female-identified clients who have completed treatment, this setting provides a safe, stable environment for individuals to pursue their recovery. In this program, the client acquires life skills and may participate in vocational services while supported by recovery coaching and education. The client may stay in this program for three to six months, receiving structure and guidance in preparation for independent living in the community.