Voice Your Support for Haymarket DuPage

For nearly two years, Haymarket Center has worked to expand access to much needed substance use disorder treatment in the Western suburbs. The proposed project in DuPage County would allow patients to access comprehensive treatment closer to home and their families. Now in the final phases of planning approval, we need your help! You can voice your support for our DuPage treatment center by sending a letter of support to info@haymarketdupage.org and join our growing list of advocates.

The proposed Haymarket DuPage treatment center will offer a full array of comprehensive services including diagnosis, treatment and recovery support for adults 18+ with substance use and mental health disorders, who voluntarily seek care. Our services will go far beyond the scope of most treatment programs, including:

• Evidence-based, comprehensive interventions
• Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
• Psychiatry & counseling
• Recovery support services
• GED courses & job placement
• Partnerships that assure care coordination
• Recovery coaching

Last April, Haymarket Center purchased the former Holiday Inn, located on a 7-acre site along the west side of Interstate 290 at Irving Park Road in Itasca. Haymarket DuPage has been the subject of extensive zoning hearings by the Village of Itasca’s Plan Commission since 2019. Throughout the zoning process, Haymarket Center has presented evidence that we meet the zoning criteria for approval. The hearing process is now in the phase in which taxing bodies and interested parties can present evidence in opposition or “concern” relative to grant zoning approval.

As a new business in Itasca, Haymarket is committed to being a good neighbor and strong community partner. Haymarket pledges to support community events in the Village, offer educational and training programs, partner with first responders and DuPage-area hospitals, and identify grant opportunities that bring additional financial support to the community. We have recently joined the Village of Itasca Chamber of Commerce and are excited to contribute in any way we can.

“We are deeply devoted to our mission and to those we serve,” says Karen Kissel, Senior Executive Vice President of Haymarket, “Haymarket is committed to opening a treatment center in Itasca because we know we can help people on their path to recovery.”

With your help, we can build on our ever-increasing coalition of supporters. Voice your support for our health care facility in Itasca. Reach out to us at info@haymarketdupage.org if you’d like to join our list of supporters or help our efforts in a way that works for you and your organization.

You can learn more and visit our FAQ by visiting HaymarketDuPage.org.