Finding Peace: Ashley’s Story

Like many people who came to Haymarket, alcohol had gained a foothold in Ashley’s life that she couldn’t shake off. Initially turning to alcohol to cope with stress, Ashley had become dependent on it, to the point of drinking heavily every day.

“I knew I had a problem, but I had gotten into such a habit that I almost didn’t care,” Ashley said. Ultimately, it was Ashley’s children who prompted her decision to seek treatment. She wanted to repair the damage that alcohol use had done to their relationship, and Haymarket Center was there to help. The first few days at Haymarket were challenging, but in time, Ashley found her footing.

“I think what made the biggest difference in my recovery was the staff here at Haymarket,” Ashley explained. “When I first got to Haymarket, I was very anxious, but hearing my peers in group therapy and even staff members tell me their own recovery stories made me feel comfortable here.”

Haymarket Center’s approach focuses on treating the whole person to create a sustainable, thorough recovery. With family-focused care that includes individual and group counseling, parent education, and on-site childcare we help parents heal from substance use disorders while also strengthening their families.

Ashley completed treatment at Haymarket Center in 2014. Since then, her road to recovery has taken her to incredible places. She learned how to successfully manage her alcohol use disorder and she has rebuilt relationships with her children. These are impressive accomplishments in their own right, but Ashley went a step further. After completing treatment at Haymarket, Ashley went on to get her master’s degree in social work, all while balancing a full-time job and being a parent.

“I had always wanted to go back to school, but addiction got in the way,” explained Ashley. “With the support of friends and family, and with everything I learned at Haymarket Center, I was able to get it done.”

Today, Ashley lives happily with her children, and takes pride in a career as a Community Support Specialist, where she helps other people manage and overcome issues that she once faced. When asked about the greatest difference Haymarket has made in her life, Ashley was quick to give an answer: Haymarket Center has helped her find peace.

 “For the first time in a while, I have peace of mind,” she said. “I learned how to make peace with myself and navigate things in a healthy way. I have my motherhood back, I have my friends back who I lost touch with, and the seed of all that was planted at Haymarket Center.”

For a time, Ashely lived her life suffering with a harmful substance use disorder. Today, she is living a life that she, not alcohol, is in firm control of.

Hear Ashley herself talk about life after treatment.

Ashley and thousands of people like her accomplish tremendous things in their journeys to recovery, and we are proud of every journey that runs through Haymarket Center.

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