Meet Dr. Amber Morris, Manager of the West Loop Pharmacy

To better serve our patients and increase access to medications, Haymarket Center will be opening its West Loop Pharmacy in January 2024. The pharmacy will allow Haymarket Center patients to have medical treatment, counseling services, and key medications all under one roof. Managing the pharmacy will be Pharmacist Dr. Amber Morris, who comes to Haymarket with years of experience in managing pharmacies and working in the field of substance use treatment. Dr. Morris sat down for an interview to discuss her experience and her plans for the new pharmacy.

Q: What made you decide to join Haymarket Center?

AM: Before I joined Haymarket Center, I was managing a Walgreen’s pharmacy, and I wanted a position with more rigor and a faster pace to it. I have previous experience managing specialty pharmacies, specifically the pharmacy of Insight (formerly Mercy) Hospital and Medical Center, so when I saw that Haymarket was looking for someone to manage its new pharmacy, it felt like the perfect combination of where I wanted to go and what I’ve already done.

Q: What are the advantages of having an onsite pharmacy.

The major advantage of having an onsite pharmacy is direct access for patients.  Most of our patient population are prescribed multiple medications which are currently filled at outside pharmacies.  We’re now able to route those prescriptions to our onsite location, which will be a major convenience for our patients. We are a 340b pharmacy which means we are eligible to receive medications at a discounted rate, which will provide much lower cost or no cost at all for our patients. We are also able to assist with the medication intake process and help facilitate medication reconciliations.

Q: How will the West loop Pharmacy improve patient care.

West Loop Pharmacy will have a direct impact on patient care by providing medication consultations for our patients. This will be a detailed overview on what the medication is used for, how to use it properly, and counseling points. We will also be conducting drug utilization reviews on every medication that is prescribed. This is when the pharmacist thoroughly analyzes the indication, effectiveness, safety, and review any drug-to-drug interactions.  Upon review the pharmacist will intervene and make recommendations to ensure the best patient outcomes.

Q: What are your goals for the West Loop Pharmacy?

AM: Right now the focus is on the basics: staffing, supplies, patient services, things like that. Once we get our footing, the goal for me and the rest of the pharmacy staff will be finding ways to support clinical staff through revising current programs and practices or coming up with entirely new ones. After that, we’re going to try and get the pharmacy open on a 24/7 basis from its current hours of 9-5 during the workweek. It will be a lot, but it’s all very attainable.

Q: Finally, what excites you the most about working at Haymarket Center?

AM: Oh, there are so many things! If I had to pick one, I would probably say that I’m very impressed by the sense of collaboration and dedication that I see in the staff here. It’s so clear to me that everybody who works at Haymarket is committed to the health and wellness of every patient that walks through its doors, so I feel very comforted in seeing people who share my same commitment to care.

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